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What we focus on in Logic School

Logic is the art of thinking -- the stage of learning that begins to answer the how and why questions. CCA’s Logic School denotes students in grades 7-9. During these years, children begin to think independently and often like to ask questions. The Classical method cuts “with the grain” during this stage by teaching students to think critically and begin to formulate answers to the perennial questions. As an aid to this end, students study formal logic to assist in proper understanding of sound arguments and debate. Do not be surprised if your child comes home able to screen political claims for logical fallacies. Logic Students use the “pegs” of knowledge installed at the Grammar School as a foundation for understanding creation and its underlying rules. Plumbing the depths of God’s ordered world is a duty of delight, and logic is rightly called an art because it is a work of creative activity; one of the myriad of ways humans fulfill the Cultural Mandate (Genesis 1:26-28). Logic Students are also evaluated three times a year by utilizing grade-appropriate assessments designed to test information recall and skills growth over time.

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Instilling a Love of Learning in Every Student!

Colquitt Christian Academy's Mission is to provide an academically challenging program, to create a love of learning in every student, to instill the habits of success in every student, and to prepare the student to be a responsible and productive member of the community.

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