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Tuition and Fees


Your greatest gift is your greatest legacy.

A quality Christian education is a lasting investment, one that strengthens your child for a life of purpose, service, and leadership.
Colquitt Christian Academy tuition pays back with academic excellence, advanced resources, multiple extracurricular activities,
and dedicated teachers who nurture students into thriving, confident individuals.

Student Application Fee

The new student application fee includes the processing of a new student’s application and admission assessment.
Application fees are non-refundable. 

***New Students:  Enrollment Deposit of $400 is due within
two weeks of acceptance to hold their place. ***


We understand the financial commitment involved in choosing a private education. We seek families who desire to partner with us in
classical and Christian education, regardless of their income or socioeconomic status. We offer payment plans and financial aid
(funded fully by donations) to ensure CCA is accessible to everyone.
We encourage families to apply and interview, even if finances for private education seem uncertain.

Pastors Discount 25%
*Multi-sibling discounts are available.
1st child no discount
2nd Child 20% discount
3rd and subsequent children 25% discount

School Times

Grade Level

Pre-Kindergarten (Half Day)
Pre-Kindergarten (Full Day)
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
4th -12th Grade


Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday


7:50 A.M.-12:00 P.M
7:50 A.M.-3:15 P.M
7:50 A.M.-3:15 P.M
7:50 A.M.-3:15 P.M

Instilling a Love of Learning in Every Student!

Colquitt Christian Academy's Mission is to provide an academically challenging program, to create a love of learning in every student, to instill the habits of success in every student, and to prepare the student to be a responsible and productive member of the community.

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