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A Message From Our Head of School

Kelly Coyle
Colquitt Christian Academy is an independent school that challenges students academically through the classical Christian model and seeks to mold them into faithful, noble, compassionate servants who strive to impact the world for God’s kingdom. CCA is in its seventh year of existence and is thriving!

We carry K-12 accreditation and have a thriving Pre-K program. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord has blessed our school with such a wonderful diversity of families from our local communities. As we continue to grow and evolve, we are determined to seek excellence in each aspect of our school: curriculum, culture, and policies. However, our perpetual and fundamental desire to transmit the legacy and wisdom of our Forefathers has remained firm.

Classical education, especially classical Christian education, looks different from the methods that other schools utilize. Our focus is on cultivating human beings who know both who they are and Whose they are (1 John 3:1), as well as citizens that possess the ability to think, speak, and write well. Classical Me, Classical Thee, written by Rebekah Merkle, is a short treatise written from the perspective of a classical Christian school graduate for current classical Christian students. She describes what makes classical Christian schools unique in this way: "The biggest and most fundamental difference between what you are receiving and what the rest of American teenagers are receiving is that you are being taught to look at life as if it makes sense, as if it all hangs together and is all part of the same picture. You're being taught to think about it critically. You are not just given lists of facts to memorize before the test on Friday after which point you can safely forget them. The most vital thing that you are being taught is not the facts themselves, it is the skill of being able to analyze them." 

- Kelly Coyle

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