Vision & Beliefs

Our History 

Colquitt Christian Academy was created by Five Founding Families in September 2015.  Fr. William McQueen, former Priest at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, and his wife had the idea to build a “one room schoolhouse.” They held meetings that were open to the public in Fall 2014 to determine if there was community interest in creating a private school in Moultrie. They desired a different educational journey for their children other than public school and soon realized others did too. 


By December 2014, the Founding Board was created and we were full steam ahead in creating CCA. The original Founding Families that are still associated with CCA are: Dr. Robert Spruill (Brooke), Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mathis (Dena) and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Coyle (Kelly).

Colquitt Christian


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